Briana Henderson

Briana Henderson

Human Biology with a Global Public Health and Epidemiology Minor

Lansing, MI

Graduation May 2019

 Why did you choose your major? What do you plan on doing with it in the future?

I knew that in the future I would want to pursue a career as a medical professional and there were many classes that were needed as requirements for graduate school and for different standardized tests. Human Biology seemed to be a good fit as it meet many of those requirements and would allow me a variety of classes in the field of study I’m interested in.

In the future I plan to attend PA school or obtain a PhD in Public Health with a focus in global health and epidemiology

What is your favorite part about being in Lyman Briggs?

The community!  When it comes to the faculty, students and staff in Holmes hall. Throughout the years seeing the familiar faces of my cohort peers out and about and going back to the Holmes Hall dining hall and see my professors eating lunch it makes my experience here in such a large university more obtainable.

What have been some of your favorite experiences?

I have studied abroad in Europe where I was based in Paris for a summer learning about the history of science and medicine and explored bioethics.  Additionally, I have volunteered abroad twice and preparing for my third trip where I and other students participate in a holistic approach of empowering communities to improve health and economic outcomes in low-resourced countries. I specifically work with the public health brigades in building healthy home infrastructure and provide health education workshops to school age children and much more.  I have also have had the opportunity to participate on a research team with the Fenn Sleep Lab in the psychology department, learning many skills.

What is some advice that you have for incoming and prospective students?

Staying on top of your grades and school work is very important as it’s the reason why we are in school, though our mental health is even more important especially in order for us to function as students to the best of our abilities.  I recommend to incoming students that they find an activity similar to something they did in high school and participate in it here at MSU.  Additionally, don’t wait until your senior year to try and build your resume so join clubs now.  It’s ok if you only stay in a particular organization for a semester at least you tried it out and learned from that experience!

 One of my many favorite quotes: “Living in the moment means letting go off the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.” Oprah Winfrey