Hannah Lufkin

Hannah Lufkin

Genomics and Molecular Genetics and Human Biology

Portland, MI

Class of 2019



Initially I was just a Human Biology major. When I took Cell Biology in Lyman Briggs, we discussed a lot of genetics in the class which sparked an interest in adding a Genomics and Molecular Genetics Major. After graduation, I plan to pursue a medical degree and a PhD.

My favorite part about being in Lyman Briggs is the community. My classmates, professors and other faculty members in Briggs have created such a positive place to learn and grow as a scientist and as an individual.

 Research has been a big part of my undergraduate experience. I have worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Plant Pathology Lab on campus since my freshman year. One summer I did a research study abroad in Dublin, Ireland investigating how post-translational modifications to proteins in cancer cells affect the growth of the cells. This past summer I was able to do research through the SUPER Program through the MSU Osteopathic Medical School. My research focused on how hormone therapies affected the 3D structure of the uterus. The research experiences I have had here on campus have inspired me to continue doing research as a physician by pursuing a medical degree and a PhD.

For the past two years I have been a Physics Undergraduate Learning Assistant in Lyman Briggs. I have enjoyed the experience of working with the professors while helping students understand physics.

 The best advice I have for incoming students is to do what you are passionate about. Whether it is your major, clubs you are joining, or future career plans, make sure it is something that excites you to work hard for.