Majors and Minors

All students will have a primary major in Briggs and need at least 120 credits to graduate. Students can complete a second degree, additional major or a minor, at MSU that is available to all students. 

Your degree is made up of university requirements, college requirement, major/coordinate major requirements and electives. Working with an Academic Advisor will ensure that you take the correct class for your chosen path to graduation.

All students* must complete:

  1. University Requirements in Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities, Integrative Studies in Social Science
  2. College Requirements with
    • 11 credits minimum in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (HPS)
    • HPS Senior Capstone
    • 9 credits minimum in Biology/Biology Labs
    • 9 credits minimum in Chemistry/Chemistry Labs
    • 6 credits minimum in Mathematics
    • 8 credits minimum in Physics/Physics Labs
  3. Major and/or Coordinate Major Requirements. The following are majors/minors offered in Lyman Briggs College, or are shared between Briggs and another college at MSU.  They are listed by fields of study.

Biological Sciences

Animal Science Biology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
Biomedical Laboratory Science Entomology
Food Science Genomics and Molecular Genetics
Human Biology Microbiology
Neuroscience Nutritional Sciences
Physiology Plant Biology

 Environmental Sciences

Environmental Biology/Microbiology Environmental Biology/Plant Biology
Environmental Biology/Zoology Environmental Geoscience
Environmental Sciences and Management Fisheries and Wildlife

 Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Actuarial Science Computer Science
Computational Mathematics Computer Science Coordinate Major
Mathematics Mathematics, Advanced (Honors)

Physical Sciences

Astrophysics Chemical Physics
Chemistry Earth Science
Geological Science Physical Science

Social Sciences

History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science


Biological Science-Interdisciplinary Physical Science-Interdisciplinary

 Briggs Minors

Bioethics Entrepreneurship and Innovation
History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Science, Technology, Environment, and Public Policy

 All students should meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure the courses selected are the best option for your major choice. We want to assist you in reaching your graduation goals.

*Honors College students are required to complete substitutions, other students bring in transfer credit, AP or IB credits. Speaking with an Academic Advisor will help you understand your requirements and your individual academic record.